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Friday, February 03, 2006

Dead Iraqi

I am regular chatter at the Boston Tea Party Chat Room, located at, which I like very much. I think it's the best political chat room on the internet. It's populated by 15-35 people at any one time so a chat is always to be had. There is an abundance of strong opinions from all political, religious, or social perspectives.

The BTP was originally set up to be a freewheeling, unmoderated room for political discussion. This meant that neither picture nor any language was prohibited. This was good. I liked the freedom from overcontrolling chat overloads.

After a few Rightwingers and Fundies complained that some chatters posted picts offensive to them, the room owner instituted restrictions ~ a half year ago. It is now against room rules to post gruesome but truthful pictures about the war. This is a shame. It is not against the rules, however, to lie about the war.

Today, in the meantime, I posted this gruesome picture to show what Bush is responsible for doing in his illegal war in Iraq:

So let me tell you what happened to me (2-3-2006) in the chat room when I showed it. I courteously offered to remove the pict if anyone asked me to. I showed it three times and asked as many times. No answer. In the meantime, however, I removed the pict.

Then I learned that a Rightwinger Christian chatter (AwesomeGod) whined to the room's owner about the pict, so I knew that he would shortly have me banned; a fellow chatfriend told me so via a PM. He was right; I was locked out a few minutes later. The ban lasts for two weeks. I will miss the room.

So I instead described the content of the pict in detail. This is what I said:

This is what a typical Rightwinger thinks:

I am a despicable, self-hating Rightwinger who does not mind if any of my sons and/or daughters die in Iraq but I don't want to see a gruesome pict that may remind me of my dead son. This is why I deny a truthful representation of someone's dead son in a pict.

Here is what a typical Rightwinger refuses to see when sending his offspring to war:

Someone's son lying dead with guts spilling out from his cracked chest cavity. The pink intestines congealed into a pile, trapped by his weight, underneath his body. A leg maimed, hamburgered from calf down to foot...the foot easily turns backward because it's nearly disconnected. The intact leg is in tones of gray, the color of charred meat just off of the grill. The blacktop radiates with thick striations, grenade marks, from center outward like a New Year's sparkler, as if he fell on an explosion.

The shirt is in tatters, pulled over his shoulder, and most of his pants is missing, exposing his buttocks to the camera. What outrage.

Blood oozing on the pavement, mixing with gunpowder and dirt, in three thickened streams, flowing four feet outward, away from the wrecked body...A gnarled part of a cortex, still attached by a sliver of drying membrane to the split skull, an arm twisted unnaturally as if it belongs to someone else, the head of another victim in the Bush war severed in half, landed heavily in the front of the body, touching the dead man's broken back. It is difficult to distinguish the man's real head from the severed head of another, lacerated and soiled. Mercy.

Who is this anonymous person? I am sure a son of a grieving mother and dad, waiting for him to come home but never arriving. I am outraged by the actual event, not the representation. The Christian Rightwinger feels the opposite. He is outraged by the pict but not about the gruesome event. What is he doing here, chatting, and not in Bush's war, giving his all, his Christian life to Bush's gruesome cause. At moments like these, I am embarrassed to call him a Christian.

I suggest that chatters who are outraged by this picture call Bush and tell him to support the troops in the right way, by taking them from the danger into which Bush has dumped them.

How many more innocent civilians and how many of his soldiers in Iraq is he going to kill because he failed to prevent 911 and is now in a vindictive mood, and once again failed, this time to catch Laden? What a failure he is, and what chickenshits a few Rightwing Christian complainers and whiners are in the BTP Chatroom!

Afterward, a hateful Rightwing chatter posted a snide remark that it was written poetically. A simpathizer wondered if poetry should be banned.

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