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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Letter to Congress

201 North E St., #210, San Bernardino, CA 92401, 909-888-8525
An Open Letter to Congress, via US Senator Boxer

Dear US Senator Barbara Boxer,

Summary: Please Kill the Overly-Patriotic US Patriot Act

I am concerned about how accurately or inaccurately the Legislative Branch represents me and how well or badly the Executive Branch protects and secures or risks my freedoms, rights, and person.

The Senate's majority push for the extension of the statutes of the USPA does not reflect my wishes and needs. It seems instead to be the Senate's top-down imposition of a set of unwanted, overbearing, and presumptuous dictates.

Kill it Completely
I want the Senate to unambiguously repudiate the US Patriot Act and remove it from the law books forever.

After you kill it, make sure that the USPA doesn not reappear in a different form, especially such reprehensible provisions as Section 505 and Section 202.

Maintaining a Non-Regal Presidency

Anyone embracing the USPA is disregarding the Constitutional wisdom that has created a Presidency whose powers are to remain limited. The Founding Fathers made it so in order to counter the executive's historically insatiable, inherent urge to dominate and, in America's current predicament in 2006, to take over the other two still co-equal branches.

Bit of Relevant History
Ancient Rome's transition from republic to empire occurred when Julius Caesar made the Senate irrelevant in the 1st Century, and then the first Christian emperor in the early 4th Century, Constantine the Great, avoided the Roman senate altogether by moving the capital from Rome to Constantinople. It seems that the present senate wants to do the same but voluntarily for the present emperor.

The amount of power the pre-Bush presidency had was insufficient for a dictatorship. Let's keep it that way. This means that, because we are not in a dictatorship, because we are in a republic, the executive is abundantly powerful for our republican form of democracy. We therefore disagree with Vice President Cheney when he made the mistaken assertion that the presidency is weak and that it needs to become stronger. We also disagree with Sam Alito, USSC justice, who advocates a presidency with expanded powers that transcends the Congress and the courts. But our country is not about further empowering the presiding officer: It is about the people. The people, through their representatives, need to become stronger. Removing unconstitutionally restrictive laws like the USPA keeps this possible.

So in order to prevent a royal, or even an imperial presidency, one that oversteps its Constitutional checks and balances, we want you to pass legislation to prohibit the Executive Branch from eliminating constitutional rights of citizens, as well as to prohibit the presidency from further creating yet more rights for itself.

Americans Deserve to be Informed
Further, prohibit the president from using Executive Privilege or National Security, these being pretexts to keep Americans in a state of ignorance and intellectual servitude about the working of the presidency, thus allowing the president to behave regally or criminally with impunity.
The Executive Branch has grown too large
It is unwieldy, and perhaps the president has a hand in too many pots, covert and overt, for Congress and the people to keep up with his multitude of hidden activities. A solution is to scale back the programs of the executive branch, or cut its funds, especially those used for out-of-this-world covert programs where the president demands a free hand. Cutting back its funds would make monitoring the executive less difficult.

Rehabilitation of the USPA is Insufficient
The USPA needs complete repudiation instead of rehabilitation for several imperative reasons:

- It eliminates the 4th Amendment by allowing the use of National Security Letters that give courtless, carte blanche surveillance powers.
- It destroys the Writ of Habeas Corpus.
- It gives the presidency virtual dictatorial powers when laws and procedures already on the books are superbly effective when followed correctly.
- It is a psychologically negative manifesto that appeals to, and promotes, mankind's lower nature.
- It keeps citizens in the dark by means of secret searches, secret laws, secret courts, unrecorded accusations, secret detentions, and in secret locations, tortured, here and abroad.
- It helps the president to become an outlaw among a people whom he asks to follow the law.

- It emulates Al Qaeda's method of behavior.

- It seems to be an eventual replacement for the Constitution so that the US Patriot Act will become the basis for the law of the land, thus indeed rendering the Constitution into just a piece of paper, containing empty words as the President hinted.

These effects are not positive but entirely negative, so rehabilitation is impossible, requiring its complete elimination.

They corrode trust in the American government, and leads citizens to wrongly think that they no longer have a vested interest in government in its current form.

Bad People

I am singling out three individuals who need to be called to task. They are dangerous and should be watched.

Alberto Gonzales, US Attorney General
Most of us disagree with Attorney General Gonzales loopy lie that "the US Constitution is a quaint document,” implying that it’s outdated or irrelevant, perhaps further implying that the USPA supersedes it. I do not want the USPA to be our constitution at all, and want its greatest promoter, US Attorney General Gonzales, to step down.

John Yoo, Prof. UC Berkeley
I strongly disagree with his political philosopher, John Yoo, Prof. UC Berkeley and denounce his dictatorial manifesto, asserting that the president has Constitutional authority to order criminal behavior. He holds an under-educated and dangerous opinion.

George Bush, President of the United States
If it is true that the President of the United States said that, “the Constitution is just a goddamned piece of paper,” please publicly say that:

  • The Constitution is more than paper.
  • God does not damn it at all.
  • It's instead a set of inspired declarations, blessed by a transcendent power to guide America on pre-911 principles even after 911, but especially during the presidency of a bad principal administrator, against whom the legislature needs to fortify the power of individuals, by forcing the executive to relinquish many of his ill-begotten rights, so that the individual can assume more rights.

Please say that our great Constitutional, as well as all of our other laws that are just and proper, are agreements on how to behave as civilized citizens, from whom inalienable rights can never be removed, as well a set of ideals that have the power to exist separate from ink and paper.

My Voice is not Not Being Heard

With the exception of a few isolated Senate voices, it is deplorable that I do not hear this kind of strong, decisive language from the people's representatives. Why not? I am instead hearing the Executive's feral, unclean, and anarchic wishes through his compliant Congress, as if the two were one and Congress lost its voice. Why is that?

The mentioned individuals don't represent my values; they promote dangerous doctrines, and embarrass me. My values are American while their values are foreign.

And my wish to abandon the USPA is not insignificant during these dangerous times when the President and his eccentric federates are attacking the Constitution's very form, putting its future at stake, and when there are a paucity of new laws that firmly and joyously affirm that Americans continue to deserve, more, demand, the continuation of a government by the people, not a government by a compliant Legislative Branch out of touch with the American people.

Torture by Another Name

I believe that the Executive Branch does not have Constitutional authority to torture, this being a crime, a despicable alien value that baffles the Constitution and befuddles "original intent", so I am not surprised at the President resorts to the illegal practice of "extraordinary rendition."

I want those at the top who instituted a policy to torture, who gave orders to torture, as well as those in the chain of command who followed orders to torture and demean, these practices being subversive, and who participated in all those things that the WWII Geneva Convention prohibits, to be prosecuted for criminal behavior. I also want no one, not even any of Bush's troops in Iraq, the NSA, the NRO, the CIA, other departments of the US government, its employees, mercenaries, or private contractors working there for the US, to be exempt from prosecution for breaking the torture law of the Geneva Convention.

I also don't want the Executive to redefine torture, as already perfectly defined by the Geneva Convention, to be non-torture, this being a loophole to torture, thus enabling the Executive and his foreign and domestic friends to continue to torture.

The USPA Makes Congress Look Badly

I am saddened, outraged, angry, and surprised at congressional complicity with the president to transform my government, via the USPA, into an incipient dictatorship, which is unconstitutional, hence criminal. This may make any member of the Legislature who has not yet completely renounced the president's US Patriot Act into a subversive as well as a criminal. It is not too late to do the right thing and to eliminate it.

The USPA and the Constitution are Irreconcilable

Strike back with the same vigor and black and white clarity that Bush used so effectively in his divisive, "you are either with us or against us," statement.

Say that, Congress needs to be either with the Constitution or with the US Patriot Act. Make this distinction.

Continue with, "The USPA is un-American while the Constitution is American. Therefore, one can't champion both because the two advocate antithetical principles. They can't ever be reconciled. We, the United States Congress, join with other patriotic Americans to say that we stand with the Constitution, not with the President's treacherous US Patriot Act. It's either/or, but not both." Say this loudly and in public.

Spekespersons Against the USPA

Please don't have Sen. Kerry be the spokesperson: He suffers from an inability to make points succinctly, quickly, and passionately, and instead makes them in a deadpan manner as if he is lecturing to a philosophy class. This renders him into an ineffective communicator to consumers of media who are impatient to listen to the fine points.

USPA is Superfluous

Finally, the president said that he could do anything he wants anyway; presumably even break the law by criminally avoiding the use of the FISA Court. If so, then the USPA is superfluous, hence unneeded.

For these sufficient reasons, I ask you to kill the pathologically patriotic US Patriot Act. I want the US Patriot Act to die. Thank you.

- end -


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need to support young folks in their efforts to serve the country. For instance, Senator John Edwards has great character .... cares for people.... I'm sure he'd be able to lead this country effectively in these troubled times.
The Patriot Act harkens back to the admin of Prez John Adams. Didn't he fear chaos and wish to stifle the American people? I still consider him to have been a good president.
Oh well, that's it for this TarHeel!

5:46 AM  
Blogger Dee said...

this is dutchie from chat. I read this and I really do agree with it.
We are not being heard. They do not want to hear us.

Bow did this man get so much power? Is it the people backing him or what. It is really scary the kind of powers he seems to have now. I think he has a napoleon complex. It saddens me tht alito won so easily.

Bush has proven once again that he really does think the constitution is worthless in his eyes.

Well done.

5:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for speaking out, I agree with pretty much everything you have to say. My feelings are that if we give the President even more power than he has now we will end up with a Kingship, or ever worse... a Dictatorship. We are the United States of America, we are patriots, we are supose to be the ones who fight fair, treat others fairly, even our enemies and prisoners. We are suppose to be the protectors not the destroyers of life and liberty.

7:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well thought out, and well said...Good luck retaking the America of my youth, Personally, I'm tired of fighting for something that none of my fellow Americans seems to CARE about anymore...As soon as my paperwork is approved, I will be leaving this alien land that has replaced the America I was BORN in...

So long, and thanks for all the fish...*g*

2:55 AM  
Blogger dana said...

I miss you at the Boston Tea Party Chat and so do all the other progressives as well. Get back to us soon.

Your Friend,

4:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is apparent that there is no free speech to be had in BTP!

Oh well, not in the USA anymore either.

10:35 PM  

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